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Hello, my friends! :wave:

How are you all?

I am HAPPEH!!!!! I have 10 more days 'till I go to LONDON! I'll be there for a week. (If any of you is in/from London and wants to chat with me in person just tell me I'll be more than happy to meet new people. :D)   
I've never been more excited in my entire life. :excited: I'll also go to York on the 27th to see my favourite actor in a play. :flirty: :boogie:

A lot changed in my life since last year....So yeah....long story short I broke up with my boyfriend, it was a thing that finally had to happen, we weren't meant to be together.  This allowed me to finally apply for Acting at The Drama Centre (University of the Arts London), and I have an audition on the 25th of May! Booyah! :w00t: :boogie:  (that's actually the reason why I'm going to London ;))

See you around, I'm going to fave and comment on your works this week-end, but please be patient, I have 300 deviations in my devwatch. :D

Maddie C.
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V for Vendetta

Massive Attack

Paulo Coelho - Walkiriile

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Thu Apr 1, 2010, 5:04 AM

Hey there, my friends. How are you all? I'm back...for a while. I have mountains of exams next month since is my last year in this university. Can't wait to finish it. Going to apply for the acting univ. again this year, and now I will pass the exam no matter what. I won't accept failure. :D

I haz iPod!
I'm so happy. :boogie: I finally managed to buy the iPod Touch I wanted in a long time.
Viva eBay! :lol:
Spent the money I got on almost 2 websites on it, but I don't regret it. (yeah, I'm a rather cheap freelancer)

I'm leaving for the countryside tomorrow and I'm going to fill my camera SD card with MANY MANY pictures. :excited: Hope it doesn't rain though, even if it does I don't care, still going to take a lot of pics. :D

And now....some very random features from my latest favs and collections:
Whom Do You Expect by primulatook DEATH by Angel-Bella-Donna "Next." lineart by FugueState Ghosts by redtrackz Daily Challenge - Color by mynti No Ideas by justoriginal Happy Birthday Amy... by David-A-Wagner Happy Birthday Alice... by David-A-Wagner For MaryEllen by David-A-Wagner :thumb157908728: return to life by FlorinALF .:Darkness Falls:. by Frank-Beer Sweet poison by DianaCretu Sweet Day by DemonMathiel Fairy's lost tale by LuneBleu Can't Find My Way Home by CecilyAndreuArtwork A young stranger, montreal, by BenoitPaille Mason Bee at 5x by dalantech

And thank you to all those that faved/re faving my works, and I'm sorry I can't reply to all of you and thank you properly. THANK YOU AND A BIG HUG! :hug:

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Agora & Alice in wonderland

Mika & Deepcentral

Introduction in number theory.(yuck)

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Wed Nov 18, 2009, 7:11 AM

As I promised to my dear friend, David :icondavid-a-wagner: I updated my journal....FINALLY! :laughing:

I was absent on this site for a long time. And I have a very good reason why...I'm a magnet for problems. :lol: Whenever I want to accomplish what I've planned for a long time something has to happen to ruin it all.
Well, what can I do more than not losing my hope and be as optimistic as usual?  :D :meow:

My website(BEWARE looks like c**p):
I'm still working on my :star:shiny:star: Flash site.

Features - Drawing & Painting

Happy Birthday Hope by David-A-WagnerHappy Birthday Anne... by David-A-Wagner
michael against satan by leanmeMistress by primulatook
More by TheArtistDarkladyMoon Dancer by DarkMoon17
Asphyxia from Silent Hill V by Hedrus

Features - Photography

Patiently waiting by DianaCretuThe Creature by artfoto
Little Creatures 071 by Frank-BeerClockwork by bittersweetvenom
:thumb143677143:Intestinal Villi by Sliding-Panda
Perfection II by fortheunseeneyesadult poppies by metempsychol

Features - Photomanipulation

Far Away Dreams by silentfuneralA deadly nightshade by LuneBleu
Deadly Dice by dianar87Never Gone by dianar87
:thumb143239821:Traffic by Cutteroz


Ladybug, ladybug by maddiecristeaApotheosis - Remake by maddiecristea
Hugo Weaving_updated by maddiecristeaCreature_3_The Mother by maddiecristea
Creature_2 by maddiecristeaCreature_coloured by maddiecristea

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Almodovar's Kika

Eminem - Relapse Album & Silent Hill OST

Fyodor Dostoyevsky - The Karamazov Brothers

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Better now

Fri Aug 14, 2009, 5:42 AM

Yeah, I'm back to my optimistic self. :D :la:

I'm leaving to the mountainside and when I'm back I'm going to update my journal with features. :D

Love you all guys. :tighthug:

If anyone wants to read my V for Vendetta fanfic:

My latest pics

Buggy-coaster by maddiecristea Octo-spin by maddiecristea
Poses by maddiecristea I love pink by maddiecristea
Libelula 2 by maddiecristea

Yours truly,
Maddie C. :sun:

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4bia & Oh happy day

Dj Adrian Eftimie-Bilingual

Giovanni Boccaccio-The Decameron

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  • Watching: Shutter
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  • Listening to: Parazitii - Standarde
  • Reading: Giovanni Boccaccio - The Decameron
  • Watching: Shutter
I'm back on dA and guess what I find... My best friend here :icondavid-a-wagner: has stored all his deviation and is very angry, and you know what? That makes ME angry.
What the hell is this share thing? I don't want to share my deviations!!! So why can't I disable the feature? Because these genial administrators thought it's better not to. It ain't that cute? BUT IT'S WROOOONG! Maybe I should store my devs too, I'm not around too much anyway and I ain't a very apreciated artist either.
My life is going the wrong way too...I'm enraged, upset and insane.(Yes, INSANE, medicaly certified!) I'm having fights with my boyfriend, I have loads of problems at the university, my country is full of crappy people, I can't seem to find any sponsors for my films and I don't want to sell the scripts!

Future plans? Yes, of course. Well first of all I'm gonna leave this "lovely" country! Where? I have no idea, maybe I'm going to sell mici(type of romanian food) in Congo, it would be thousand times better than staying here.

For now I'm writing fanfiction for V for Vendetta on Click to see my profile!

David, you have all my love and support. Hope you get over your problems, I really want you to be happy, cause you're one of the few people that really deserve that. :tighthug: :blowkiss:

I'm tired, a bit drunk and that's it for today.  
Over and out!

-- --

Maddie C

-- --

Too many things + Features

Sun May 24, 2009, 5:57 AM

I start too many projects...and I really want to finish them, but I'm soooo LAZY, I always find something else to do. :stab:

Instead of finishing this:
DreamWeaving - WIP by maddiecristea
(don't fav it's just a WIP..though comments are apreciated, especially critique)
I did this thing :stupidme: :
burn damage study by maddiecristea

My script is still waiting for me, 2 months and I've written only 30 pages, so lame :depressed:.
I'm going to post the script on my web-site. I'd like to hear some opinions on what I've written until now (it's in english), so if it is someone who would want to read it please let me know.

Features - Drawing & Painting

Sweet: Onigiri x3 by KarolinaJakubowskaDrawn Face VI by DDzim
Supremacy by st3ramoneReflections by Angel-Bella-Donna

Features - Photography

I was there ... by KmyBTaking off by tripping-daisy
Happy Birthday Madalina by David-A-WagnerWonderwall by impulsives

Features - Photomanipulation

Arlekiin by Iardacil180509 by Cutteroz
The Stone by DaniMyrickPrelude to immortal dreams by LuneBleu


Part of me by maddiecristeaThe little red by maddiecristea
ApotheoSYS by maddiecristeaSnow Leopards by maddiecristea

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Beauty and the Beast

Dj Project-Miracle Love

Stephen King - Duma Key

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Tablet + Features

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 6, 2009, 1:52 PM

Hi there! :wave:

I expect myself to be back in bussines starting this week. I now have a Wacom Bamboo One, of which I am very proud.:boogie: Below you can se my first digital painting:
:iconflowerdanceplz:V and Evey by maddiecristea:iconflowerdanceplz:
Hopefully more will come, probably some inspired by the film I am now writing.:typerhappy:

And now....some space for the FEATURES!

Feature - Photography

Happy Birthday Jim by David-A-Wagner Happy Birthday Suliann by David-A-Wagner
Happy Birthday Rosa by David-A-Wagner Happy Birthday Ioana by David-A-Wagner
Musician by DianaCretu Child of the empire. by immanuel
Amulets of the Mind by Maxker Sweet Little Nothing by Sliding-Panda
memories by jannaaikadeja Multicolored Frost by allym007

Feature - Drawings & Paintings

Natalie Portman by JenniferTheFirst Peacock Lover by Sliding-Panda
Ratty 2.. by jellybellyzee :thumb116878709:
beauty within by saniika Sittin' in a tree by FugueState
Early morning strangers by saniika The Scene on the Wall by FugueState
We'll Share Paradise by primulatook mas allA by keronetex

Feature - Photomanips

Secret Face by silentfuneral Forsaken by dianar87
Romance by Iardacil :thumb80161696:
Watch you by adnrey Drowned Garden by MarcelaBolivar
Blissful Altruism by SoDoXa Selbstsucht by PAtScHWOrK

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Work in progress + Features

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2009, 12:46 PM

:wave: Hello everyone!

I'm back! (or so I think) I'm gonna quit my job pretty soon so I will have plenty of time for my own plans and hobbys. I really think I don't need a job anymore, 'cause I've already neglected my universty more than necesary and that's not good.

I have a new toy to play with, a Nikon D40 :love:, and a new laptop too. So I am very happy.

Although I haven't managed to pass the exam at UNATC, because I wasn't able to control my nerves.(stupid me :stupidme:), I still haven't gave up the idea of making movies.
:film: I have 3 work in progress films: :film:

:bulletpink: Curse from Enfer (short-film - horror) :bulletpink:

- script finished, waiting to be filmed in April -

:bulletpink: Rigor Mortis (short-film - drama) :bulletpink:

- written by my colleague Dragos, but needs to be rewritten cause I want it to be a Cannes film, it has the potential, but needs a deeper story.-

:bulletpink: Nemesis (long-film - action, romance, thriller) :bulletpink:

- Tagline: "Blind eyes can't see"; I've just started this one, it should be GOOD. The people that heard the synopsis liked it. Still a lot of work to do 'till it's finished though. Hope it will be done before my birthday next year(May 2010). It's quite a big project, and therefore I hope the other 2 movies will be a success.-


Happy Birthday Jim by David-A-Wagner Dunstanburgh Castle 7 by newcastlemale Don't say anything by KmyB
Fairytail_1 by studiovisual Happy Birthday Kerry by David-A-Wagner Multicolored Frost by allym007
macro by organu match by NorGRy Drowned Garden by MarcelaBolivar
Dying Beauty by Sliding-Panda Mountain Shot by icedemon2387 I See You by Cutteroz
Tail of Woe by David-A-Wagner Imagine II by dianar87 :thumb74233964:

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Well the big exam is here...tomorrow, 25th of August, at 11:00 AM.
I've been waiting for this since I first started thinking about being an actress...and that's a long time ago. I'm a bit scared...ok, ok...VERY scared, but I really hope I will pass this exam, I really need it, it's a life time dream.

One advice from my idol, Horatiu Malaele:

Laugh, because it's the music of soul
Play, because it's the secret of youth
Read, it's the fountain of wisdom
Think, is the spring of power
Be calm, it's the way to happines
Be kind, it's the key of success
And love, it's the reason of life.

Thank you all for the support.
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I've found today a very cool story that I will use for the exam at UNATC(National University of Theatral and Cinematografical Arts).

The blue notebook - by Daniil Harms

"Once upon a time there was a red-haired boy that had no eyes and no ears.
He didn't had any hair either, so they was jus calling him a red-haired.
He didn't talk, because he had no mouth. Not even a nose.
He did not had hands, and no legs either. NO stomach, the spine was missing and
so the intestines. He didn't had anything. So it isn't to clear who are we talking about.
That's why it's better not to talk about him at all."

I'm so happy that the exam is getting close. :boogie:


Thanks to all my friends here on dA for all their support!! U'r the best, you are great artists, all of you! :worship: Thanks to all!

(I can't change my mood...this is so shitty! .. I'm joyfull now not in agony...that was weeks ago :crazy:)
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Sorry for my late replies but I'm not home right now....I will reply you in a week or so. Thanks for your understanding. :)

ZOMG....I'm 20!

Journal Entry: Sun May 18, 2008, 7:48 AM
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  • Listening to: Voltaj - 20 de ani
  • Watching: Naruto :))
  • Playing: Agatha Christie - Death on the Nile
  • Eating: Mici :D
  • Drinking: Tons of water cuz it's HOT

I can't believe it... I'm 20 years old! :crazy:


Loads of thanks for all of my friends here on dA who supported me.
And special thanks to my dear friend David(aka David-A-Wagner :icondavid-a-wagner: ) who supported me from the beggining. :worship:

007 mood + Plushie

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 9, 2008, 11:41 AM
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  • Reading: Pavel Corut - Sfarsitul imperiului ascuns
  • Watching: 007:Die another day
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dA works like shit today!!! :angry: What the hell is going on??

Plushie1 by maddiecristea
Plushie2 by maddiecristea
Plushie3 by maddiecristea


:icondavid-a-wagner: MEGA FEATURE :icondavid-a-wagner:
Smiling Back by David-A-Wagner
Where Have All the Colors Gone by David-A-Wagner
Tattered Wings by David-A-Wagner
Close-up Butterfly by David-A-Wagner
Flamenco by David-A-Wagner
Waterfall by David-A-Wagner
Time... by David-A-Wagner
Captured by a mushroom by David-A-Wagner
The Gathering Storm by David-A-Wagner
A Change is in the Wind by David-A-Wagner
Cairnwood by David-A-Wagner
Stepping out by David-A-Wagner
Got Nuts? by David-A-Wagner
And a BIG "Thank you!"

Buh'bye everybody! :bye:

Uhhh...+Mega Feature

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 4, 2008, 1:52 PM
  • Mood: Agony
  • Listening to: Queen
  • Reading: Moliere - The Miser
  • Watching: Sweeney Todd
  • Playing: Counter Strike
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Water's just too much...I hate my university!!!! :stab:
Can wait to apply for the Theatre University, and I'm working a lot for the exam. But at least is something I like. Acting is my life, I live for being there, in front of people, giving them a bit of my soul.
I've just saw the play " The Nightingale and the Rose " (in fact is the tale narrated by a good friend of mine and a very tallented actor)...just lovely.
Marius Manole by maddiecristea

March the month of MĂRŢIŞOR here in Romania! :D
deviantART logo-march edition by miluta
Mărţişor is the traditional celebration of the beginning of the spring in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria (under the name Martenitsa), on 1 March. The day's name is the diminutive of March (in Romanian Martie), and thus means something like "little" or "dear March". Nowadays, men offer women a talisman object also called Mărţişor, consisting of a jewel or a small decoration like a flower, an animal or a heart, tied to a red and white string. However, giving a little nickel tied to a red and white string is an old custom and was originally designated for both men and women. It was believed that the one who wears the red and white string will be powerful and healthy for the year to come. The decoration is a symbol of the coming spring. A woman wears it pinned to her blouse on this day and up to two weeks after. Occasionally, women also give such gifts to men. In some parts of Romania such as Moldova or Bucovina the symbol of spring was a gold or silver medal which was worn around the neck. After wearing the coin for twelve days, they bought sweet cheese with the medal, because it was believed that their faces would remain beautiful and white the entire year.

:icondavid-a-wagner: MEGA FEATURE :icondavid-a-wagner:
Smiling Back by David-A-Wagner
Where Have All the Colors Gone by David-A-Wagner
Tattered Wings by David-A-Wagner
Close-up Butterfly by David-A-Wagner
Flamenco by David-A-Wagner
Waterfall by David-A-Wagner
Time... by David-A-Wagner
Captured by a mushroom by David-A-Wagner
The Gathering Storm by David-A-Wagner
A Change is in the Wind by David-A-Wagner
Cairnwood by David-A-Wagner
Stepping out by David-A-Wagner
Got Nuts? by David-A-Wagner
And a BIG "Thank you!"

Buh'bye everybody! :bye:


Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2007, 8:45 AM

I wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
May you all be happy in the new year and all your wishes to come true!!

I will upload something new as soon as I feel better. :tears:
Buh'bye everybody! :bye:
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Merry Christmas!!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 25, 2007, 1:30 AM

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
I wish you all a wonderfull day, health and that all your wishes will come true!!

Dj Project - Soapte…

morandi - angels…

crazy loop - crazy loop(mm-ma-ma)…

studio one - everytime…

DJ Sava feat. GIC & Connect R - Sunshine…

Akcent - King of Disco…

Akcent - Let's Talk About It…

Celia - Trag aer in piept…

Dj Project - Doua anotimpuri…

Dj Project - Privirea ta…… Before I sleep

Dj Rynno ft Sylvia - Feel…

I will upload something new as soon as I feel better. :tears:
Buh'bye everybody! :bye:
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[It rains...outside and inside :(]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2007, 7:11 AM

Well ... worst days of my life. Don't know what to do anymore...everything around is shitty.
The song bellow tells just the way I fell(english translation bellow):


I don't have you anymore, you left, you have your way, I have mine...
You never looked back, indifferent like you've always been...
You've hurt me as no one before did...
I'm now empty, the ash of estinguished hopes is the only thing left...
Unlucky as I've always been since I was born
I left in the search of my lost luck...
I thought I've lost you too at the beginig
But I've realised that you can't loose something you never had.
How can I get over everything that was when i still fall asleep sighing?
And if you forgot me long ago, why do I still keep you in my mind?
How can this be a beautiful dream when I waked up cryind?
And if you never dreamt about me, why do I still wake up dreaming?
I still feel the strings that tied me to you
I wake up yelling: "let me go, you now I don't like it!"
"Please leave me alone, let me go...leave at once!"
But I know I'm not tied anymore, and you've never been here...

I slip, but I cant fall, I'm seen, but I'm forgoten.
Many thoughts tourment me but I've realised long ago
You've hited me, I didn't gaved up, I just felt a bit depressed
with the thought that everything will be ok, and it hurted but I didn't knew.
I wanted to be close, you know, since the begining.
I fall through dreams, all I wanted was to have you back!
I'm disapointed I couldn't make you happy. I've liked you.
Were just simple words, lost in my mind,
i hope everything hangs of what it was.
I feel bad when I see you! I remeber, but it has no sense!
Childhood, a call, a girl, a tear and some boy
I tend to believe that everything dies.
I feel wounded by the simple fact that you've lied to me.
I fell, I got up, I loved you, you've forgot.
By the simple fact that you've hurted me, by the simple fact that you've offended me,
By the simple fact that you never thought: Why did I loved you?

I will upload something new as soon as I feel better. :tears:
Buh'bye everybody! :bye:
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My accounts+new deviation

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 17, 2007, 1:35 AM

Well I'm back with a new deviation. The university is killing me :chainsaw: I hate it!!

Me, my soul and I by maddiecristea

I have 2 new accounts:

:icontenebro-stock: - Tenebro-StocK <-- which is a stock account

brain by Tenebro-StocK bkg-04 by Tenebro-StocK tex-01 by Tenebro-StocK


:iconmadalinac: - MadalinaC <-- in which I will post only photomanips. :)

:thumb67282313: :thumb67282194: :thumb67281860:

That's it for today. I'm kinda tired and have to go to the Uni. :tears:
Buh'bye! :bye:

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  • Watching: Puricele - by C. Goldoni
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  • Drinking: Pepsi

3000 + Features + Theatre

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 25, 2007, 3:37 AM

Hooray!!! 3000 pageview ....but I don't know how caught it! :confused:

Well as I don't know I will feature some of my favourite works on dA.

The Killer by Mcdbrd   :thumb65624582:   
:thumb65694459:   :thumb62177059:   Sunflower by David-A-Wagner
The Beauty of Nature by David-A-Wagner   Artist's End by DanielYuen   Sunset.In.Corfu.Island by 4EST
   mute by ucanfil   :thumb64646909:
   war of love by Dulcinea-del-Tobosso   London by FrozenStarRo
Apples and pears. by Cigaroh   Cry by KmyB   Your Hand Is Hard To Hold by AliceInUnderland
:thumb39995661:   :thumb49498980:   A Moment Suspended In Time by xMEGALOPOLISx

I'm again in love with THEATRE!!!
I've been watching these days some movies on YouTube with my favourite romanian actor: Horatiu Malaele. I found a scene from the play "Scapino"(afer Moliere) directed by Alexandru Dabija, with Horatiu Malaele in the role of Scapino. :love:
Here is the link if you wanna see it, even though you won't understand a thing, it's a magnificent scene to see. :D
SCAPINO(dupa Moliere)</i></u>

BUH' BYE!! :wave:

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  • Reading: Nothing....I had enough
  • Watching: Scapino(after Moliere)
  • Playing: NFS: Most Wanted
  • Eating: Still eating chocolate...still skinny
  • Drinking: Lemon Juice

Back + New Hobby

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 24, 2007, 2:08 AM
:wave: HIIII!! I'm BACK!

:star: Finally exams are over. :w00t: YAHOOOOOYYYY!!! (there's only one left..the one for my driving licence! ;P)
:star: I have a new hobby: CARS and RACES! I'll soon buy this little baby:
and become a member of NoSpeedLimit Romania!!  I'm soo happy! I'll be the best racer NSL has! :devilish:
:star: I'll soon post something new in my gallery...and start featuring my friends.

<img src="…"  width="350" height="40">

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  • Reading: Nothing....I had enough
  • Watching: The Fast and The Furious: Tokio Drift
  • Playing: NFS: Most Wanted
  • Eating: Still eating chocolate...still skinny
  • Drinking: Lemon Juice